Benefits Of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design means that one website will automatically optimize itself to suit the type of device that it is being viewed on. This means that businesses do not have to design a number of different sites to suit each device which will save them a great deal of effort as well as the expense of operating a number of different sites. There are a number of other benefits to using responsive web design.

The amount of purchases that are now being made from smart phones and tablets has risen dramatically in the past few years and this is a trend that is only expected to continue. Therefore, if a business site is not optimized to be viewed on a mobile phone then it could potentially be losing out on sales. Viewing a desktop site on a mobile or tablet can sometimes be very difficult, especially when information needs to be entered as the text size is often very small and users will constantly need to zoom in. If the site is too difficult to use then this can lead to customers leaving the site before a purchase has been made.

Using responsive web design can help a business be found more easily in an internet search as search engines prefer responsive websites as it means they do not have to index the same content across a number of different sites. It costs search engines money to keep their indexes up to date and so the easier a website makes it for them to index it, the less money they are spending. In terms of ranking in a search engine any advantage that you can gain over a competitor can make a big difference to the amount of traffic that your site receives.

Responsive websites also make it easier for customers to share links on their own websites or blogs, or on social media sites. As the link that is being shared will be one URL then it will be automatically be optimized for the device that a person that clicks on this link is using. The number of high quality links that a website has can also help it rank higher in a relevant internet search so again this is something that has the potential to increase the amount of visitors that a site receives.

The primary reason why responsive websites are so popular with customers is that they are much easier for them to use. If a customer finds the site easier to use then there is a higher chance that they will return. The fact that responsive websites also tend to do better in search engines means that it is also easier for potential new customers to find the business website.